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FastAd #907052

Lydia Hiby Animal Communicator

Internationally Known. Author of Conversations with Animals.

Contact Info:

Lydia Hiby Animal Communicator-818-244-0091

CA 91506

103 miles away

FastAd #907279

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Training Between the Ears-443-398-0348

MD 21784

2258 miles away

FastAd #908902

Working Cats

Pesticide-free rodent control! We place barn cats from shelters that have been deemed unadoptable. Save a life and adopt a cat. We perform 6 week acclimation period to your property. Donations accepted. 909/615-3758. Application online at

Contact Info:

Annette Winkler-909-615-3758

Riverside, CA 92504

59 miles away